A Non-political Note Regarding Khizr Khan

I just watched the commercial Khizr Khan made for Hillary Clinton for the third time and once again finished it with tears in my eyes.  How could it not be so?  It is certainly the most powerful political commercial I have seen since my first vote for president in 1960.  And I think it is precisely because it is not a political commercial at all but a very human appeal to the “better angels of our nature”.

Mr. Khan asks us to think not of the statistics but of the very real men and women killed and wounded in the defense of our country and those close to them, while most of us pay nothing but money to that cause.  Captain Khan represents both the very best of our people and perhaps our greatest shame; our unwillingness to fully accept millions of our fellow citizens as our brothers and sisters.

So Khizr Khan spoke for Muslims, yes, but also for African Americans, Hispanics, LGBTQ’s, the differently abled, women of all backgrounds and even whites who can not see what “white privilege” has done for them.

His question, “would my son have a place in your America?” was directed to Donald Trump but is better recognized to be for all of us.