“A Modest Proposal”


President Trump is being unjustly criticized by many people for his proposal to arm teachers in response to school shootings.  Such critics are upset by the possibility of more carnage due to the chaotic nature of mass shootings and the addition of more guns in inexperienced hands.  They lament that police, called to respond to an armed shooter, would have to account for guns in the hands of “good guys” as well as “bad guys”.  They are also afraid that a homicidal intruder, armed with an AR-15, would have a slight advantage over a social studies teacher with a handgun.

These people completely miss the point.  Trump is not wrong; he just doesn’t take his thinking to its logical conclusion.  I propose we support the president and encourage him to enlarge his reasoning.  Instead of a few badly prepared and under gunned teachers here and there in the school,  let us install an AR-15 with 30 round clips in every classroom, office, janitor’s closet and lounge in the school.  Now, it would be more than a fair fight.

We can’t know which teachers will be close enough to respond to a shooter so all staff should receive combat training so at least some will be willing to face bullets fired at 2,250 miles per hour; bullets that can kill just by passing by a major artery or exploding an organ on contact, leaving an exit wound the size of an orange.

Some will complain about the expense but just imagine the next mass shooting in a high school with 50 teachers packing major heat.  What could possibly go wrong?